Why Online Storage for Data Backup?

Compared to conventional storage devices, online storage doesn’t need any gadgets that need to be connected to the USB ports. You only need to upload your files to your storage account via the Internet. Online media storage serves like an external hard drive that is always connected to your computer. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can back up your files. Online storage is great for backing up documents. This makes it suitable for professionals, businessmen and even casual computer users.

Aside from backing up documents, here are some other uses of online file storage service.

Share Large Files with Other People

Online storage lets you share files like videos or high-resolution photos with others. Usually, these files cannot be attached to emails because of the attachment limit of the email service. With online storage, you just need to send out links to others so they can download the pictures.

Store High Resolution Photos

This service is also great for backing up high-resolution pictures. The online servers utilize RAID storage. This means your photos are safe even if one of the disks on the server fails.

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