File sharing can be frustrating for most especially for those who share large files. Sending large files through email can be almost impossible because of the file attachment limit. If you often share large files and you are looking for a more convenient method, consider online storage.

Conventional media for file sharing include discs, thumbdrives, SD cards and external hard drives. The files to be shared are stored in these devices and sent out to the recipient. It’s not a problem to share files with nearby users like your neighbor or co-worker. However, if you want to share large files to another person in another state or another country, you would have to ship the file data storage. This can take from several days to weeks before the storage device reaches the other user.

Online media storage allows real-time sharing of files. You just need to upload your files to the server, then the other user can retrieve the files through the Internet. This is much convenient and easier compared to traditional storage devices.

End the frustration of sharing large files with SmartFile. You may want to consider signing up for a free 14-day trial to check out the features of our storage services.

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