File Transfer Protocol is one of the most effective ways to store and transfer files today. Casual Internet users, office workers, and business owners have all turned to FTP online storage as a way to manage their files. One cannot deny the usefulness of traditional storage devices such as USB thumb drives, external hard drives, discs, etc. However, these storage devices are all susceptible to damage. It is not uncommon for a thumb drive to be corrupted after some time. When that happens, all your important documents will be lost, especially if you failed to make a back up.

With online file storage service, you will be able to harness the power of the Internet to ensure the safety of your files. The accessibility is unparalleled, for as long as you have Internet connection, you will be able to access your online storage account from anywhere in the world. Given that there is no physical storage involved, you do not need to worry about equipment damage or theft. Everything will be stored in an off-site location.

So if you want to keep your files safe, be smart and store your files with SmartFile! We have storage plans to suit your needs. Sign up today to try out our service free for 14 days with no restrictions.

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