Personalized Online Storage with an API Backup Module

Having data stored online will provide you and other authorized members of your company to access files whenever you need them regardless of wherever you are. It also allows you to set user permissions so that different users have different levels of data access.

When choosing an online storage service, make sure to choose a reliable one and a company that offers you more than just storage solutions. You can be a reseller and offer storage solutions to your clients. You can let your customers attach their own logo and use their own domain name. This allows your clients to have a personalized control panel for their own storage space. Aside from this, you can integrate SmartFile with your current business processes which makes it easy for you manage your business and customers accounts. All business management tasks can be done in one platform. Something that is very convenient, especially for busy people who are managing a growing business.

You can also use a API backup module to integrate it with your business programs. This allows your program to automatically connect to your online file management account and automate the storage process.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.