A lot of people are having problems sending large files to China. The Great Firewall of China blocks a lot of websites that seem to be a security threat. Are you wondering how to send large files to China?

You can use VPNs or other complicated setups, however, this can take too much time and effort. If you are looking for a service that isn’t blocked by China’s Firewall, consider SmartFile.

If you try to send a large file like a video file to someone in China through an online file storage service, the recipient might not be able to access the download website. Most popular file sharing services on the Internet like WeTransfer are being blocked by the Chinese government.

The File Sharing Solution that Isn’t Blocked in China

With all these applications being blocked, what’s the best way to transfer files to China? SmartFile. SmartFile’s file storage solutions aren’t blocked in China allowing you to send files to China with no problems. Our secure file management platform also offers SSL-encrypted transfers and granular user permissions to ensure that your files are safe from being used by unauthorized people. You also have the option to limit what a user can do with files.

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Need to send big files to China but the recipient doesn’t have a VPN? WeTransfer, Google Drive and Dropbox won’t work — SmartFile does.”

— Manya Koetse, Editor | WhatsOnWeibo.com

Please note: China occasionally changes blocking rules for certain cities or areas. SmartFile does not guarantee service in all areas of China.

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