Are you ready to become a python superhero? Our incredible engineers at SmartFile, when not saving the world from crashing file transfers, have written some wonderful python tutorial articles for our blog. We have assembled some of the most popular blog articles discussing python tips and tricks. Welcome to Python Superhero training!

SmartFile Python Tutorial Resources

Intro to Distributed Computing with Python over a LAN

Python Tutorial #1: How to Create Your Personal Supercomputer: We’re going to cover using distributed computing with Python over a LAN to create a Beowulf Cluster so you can improve computing power and efficiency without breaking the bank. A Beowulf Cluster is a set of normal consumer machines networked together to crunch data as a single entity — that’s right, just like a super computer.

Polymorphic Python

Python Tutorial #2: Why should you be using polymorphic python? By using simple patterns, to protect the application from design problems such as rigidity, fragility, immobility and viscosity, you can leave your future self in a much, much happier state.

Dockerizing a Python Flask Application

Python Tutorial #3: If you are new to Docker, this guide will show you how to create a basic Docker container. Our software engineer, Travis, takes you through the process to get your Docker container up and running.

Python Pickle Security Problems and Solutions

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Python Tutorial #4: If you are familiar with Python, you have probably encountered the concept of pickling your code to be transferred over a network. But what are the security risks of Python Pickle, and how can you solve them?

Testing Python With Travis CI in Just Three Steps

Python Tutorial #5: Integration made easy. Test your python code for changes and create a faster, happier development process with this easy three-step guide.

Creating Abstract Classes in Python 3

Python Tutorial #6: In Python, it is often useful to create an abstract class to serve as a “skeleton” for a subclass. However, Python does not enforce abstract base class inheritance by default, meaning subclasses are not required to implement abstract methods of the parent class. Read on to learn about creating abstract classes in Python.

Need a break from Python? Check out this code poetry skit:


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