Email big files with security

An email service has limitations when it comes to file sharing. It is rare that an email service will allow you to attach large files in your emails. Even if you purchase a premium email account, the increased attachment size will be rarely matched by the receiver. This results into bounced emails and failed data transfer. Online storage websites offer a more secure and effective method of transferring files. This service offers secure file transfers through a SSL encrypted connection, password protection, file folder permissions and user restrictions. This service is easier to maintain and is cheaper because you don’t need to buy additional hardware to take advantage of this service.

FTP download sites and online storage solutions are cost-effective options which can greatly help increase productivity and efficiency in your business. If you have a growing business and are in search for other ways to increase your profits, you can share this great service to your customers through our Private Label Program. This allows you to resell storage services and brand it under your company. This program also fully integrates with your current business processes like the processing of orders and payments. There is no need to redesign your website or redirect customers to another page.

Increase your business revenue with our reseller program. Get a custom domain name and a custom branded website with your company logo. Be a SmartFile reseller today.

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