SmartFile believes that you, the customer, owns the product and we make new features based off of your customer feedback! In our latest release, we added a new security feature that allows you to force users with randomly generated passwords to reset them upon log in!

When you create a new user in SmartFile, you can generate a random password for them and notify them via email. This is a great time-saver, but sometimes it works too well. The new user gets lazy and copies and pastes the password over and over again, never resetting it. So when the user loses the email, they come screaming to IT for help, who forward the user to a password reset form.

Basically, since auto-generated passwords are complex and forgettable, they often create more trouble than they’re worth, until now…

The Solution: Forcing Random Password Resets Prior to Logging In

We know that passwords can be a big headache for IT admins. To resolve that, we created a new feature that forces users with automatically generated passwords to reset them. You can find it under Admin Settings –> Web App –> Passwords.


Immediately after the user logs in with their randomly generated password, a screen will ask them to change their password. If you use SmartFile’s custom branding, the user will see it throughout their process, just like in the image below:

password protected file sharing

What’s the Benefit?

By randomly generating the password for a new user, you take yourself out of the process. You don’t need to create generic passwords like “ChangeMe123” any more. Forcing that user to reset it also decreases the chance that the user will forget their password — saving you some pointless emails in the future!

Also, if the user’s email gets hacked or the user creation email gets forwarded accidentally (remember, 63% of data breaches come from internal sources or processes), that password will no longer provide access to the user’s folders and files.

Basically, you save yourself some time going forward and you make your files safer. What’s not to love?

Other SmartFile Password Features

SmartFile is an industry leader in file management and file sharing security for business. As such, our password option’s were pretty tough before we rolled out this feature.

With SmartFile, an administrator can create custom password requirements for their users. Here’s some of the ways you could customize passwords with SmartFile:

  • Set the Minimum # of Characters
  • Set the Minimum # of Alpha Characters
  • Set the Minimum # of Numeric Characters
  • Set the Minimum # of Special Characters
  • Auto Expiration Date Rules
  • Password Re-usage Rules
  • Mixed Case Rules
  • Disable Username in Password

You can also reset every user’s passwords with the click of a button. SmartFile’s password and security rules give you full control over your security.

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