Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) is a market that continues to grow every year by providing solutions that enable businesses to complete a variety of tasks centered around their files.

The most sought-after features include the ability to collaborate, sync, share, search, edit, automate and integrate, as well as have it all on a native app. With a market so clearly defined by sync-and-share, these businesses tend to engage in a lot of “follow the leader” behavior in not only feature sets but product direction, with no difference between offerings. This behavior was confirmed in a recent Gartner study which indicated that by 2018, 70% of EFSS vendors will cease to exist because of their inability to differentiate.

That’s why it’s important to embrace your differences and stand behind them. SmartFile could try and fit into a crowded market like that, but instead we stand behind what makes our product better than any EFSS product: we listen to our customers, ignore competition and develop our platform specifically for the enterprise.

I’m not suggesting that other companies don’t listen to their customers, but I am suggesting that other businesses continue to engineer based on the same old EFSS talking points. SmartFile has chosen to diverge from this path, ignoring the herd of consumer-grade companies trying to transform into enterprise solutions, and instead focused on innovating and delivering the most scalable and robust file management platform for large enterprises with thousands of users.

Here is a list of SmartFile differentiators that keeps SmartFile ahead of the competition when it comes to EFSS and other similar products:

1. The Most Scalable Solution

SmartFile is built with scale in mind, both for storage and users. Whether in the cloud or on-premises with FileHubTM, SmartFile’s secure environment allows for unlimited users, unlimited file sizes and the ability to grow storage infinitely.


Interactive Intelligence developed a custom integration with SmartFile’s API that lets Tier I support easily integrate a more reliable file transfer method into their existing process and allows Tier II support to gain a previously impossible singular log file view.

2. End-to-End Security and Governance

When you need to know the who, what, where and when around a file, SmartFile has all of that information and more. SmartFile delivers a compliant solution that keeps perpetual records of any activity and allows admins to view, search, export and report on that data.


SmartFile entered the equation and provided RW Pierce with the remote access and search function necessary for clients to further leverage CopyVault®. SmartFile became part of the CopyVault® solution and enabled RW Pierce to host the files within their EU datacenters.

3. No Sync = No Headaches

What? No sync? That’s right because we know that our customers do not want sync for many reasons that give admins headaches and make managing files a pain (conflicts, deletes, access, ransomware, storage, etc.). Instead, we focus on secure access and replacing consumer-grade sync tools.


The City of Albuquerque could not shut down the use of unsanctioned file sharing tools without offering a viable alternative. They landed on SmartFile’s FileHub™, and subsequently blocked DropBox. The end result was a fully branded file management solution that offered users simplicity, while garnering IT the control they desperately sought.

4. True On-Premises Solution

Many EFSS vendors claim to offer on-premises solutions, but none of them are actually a true on-prem. Most duplicate data back and forth and create multiple data silos, claiming this as a hybrid approach. SmartFile disagrees with that thinking and delivers a 100% on-premise solution that creates no additional data duplication and consolidates many other services into SmartFile.


The TelecityGroup used SmartFile to create Samba shares to help incorporate file directories from multiple network servers without replication or relocation. They would be able to leverage existing Active Directory file permissions for internal users, while SmartFile handled the permissions for external parties.

5. API Integrations

SmartFile’s API is a robust tool that can integrate with existing solutions to create a HIPAA compliant file exchange middleware. We believe in the performance and dependability of our API because we eat our own dog food at SmartFile, i.e., our API is used in every aspect of our application. The possibilities are endless when integrating our API with other software and homegrown processes.


RowdMap used SmartFile’s API to fully integrate with their system in less than 2 hours, and they created a custom-branded browser UI for clients. The API integration gave their internal staff the ability to upload data to an external platform with ease and automate files they received from clients.

6. Extending Windows File Servers

SmartFile can layer on top of existing Windows File Servers and create a unified front-end interface for users to securely access, share and manage existing network files. Whether it’s secure offsite access and providing a VPN alternative or creating a compliant gateway for users to send and receive data, SmartFile can provide value as a front-end interface for network storage.


SmartFile delivered an appliance with failover that could map network shares that reside across their 26 departments, with existing Active Directory file permissions on network shares automatically inherited. This meant IT didn’t have to recreate permissions and users could continue to access content via their network shares as usual.

7. Ease of Use, For Everyone

Whether it’s IT administrators or end-user employees, everyone enjoys the simplicity and ease-of-use behind SmartFile. With no training required, SmartFile is an instant replacement for many consumer-based EFSS solutions that employees will adopt. IT administrators can also easily manage, restrict, monitor, audit and search every file and user in SmartFile. It’s a win-win!


With SmartFile, NCAA institutions can log in and upload their stats/info but not download or delete anything, while media outlets can download the information they need but not upload or delete files. The NCAA leveraged audit logs and email alerts to see which schools had uploaded their files and which had not, a vital piece of data during heavy media events like NCAA tournaments.

Concluding Thoughts

The list of items above is only the start of why SmartFile is a better enterprise option than any EFSS. Our FileHub™ on-premises solution can be used to consolidate and replace technology in nearly every Fortune 1000 company and regulated industry organization in the world.

SmartFile may never be mentioned in any EFSS conversation, but that is perfectly fine with us. SmartFile will continue to break the mold and provide a true enterprise solution for growth-oriented organizations in every sector, including banking, insurance, pharma, manufacturing, energy, government and more.

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