Safely Backup Your Factory’s Production Records with Online File Storage

It is important for factories to keep tabs on the products manufactured and the products distributed. Most companies use an automated system that monitors the production line and archives it. However, your records can be at risk of loss if they are not backed up. You might want to consider backing up your documents using a convenient solution like online file hosting.

Online storage solutions have several advantages compared to common methods. You can use the provider’s API backup module and integrate it with your production line monitoring system. This lets your system upload data to your account without user intervention. This simplifies the task of recording the operation of your factory. Your data is also protected from unauthorized users by Secure Socket Layer encrypted connections, user and file restrictions. Online media storage also costs less to implement because you do not need to buy additional hardware or pay for maintenance costs.

Keep your documents safe with storage solutions from SmartFile. There are several storage plans you can choose from to cater to your needs. We have plans that start at 5GB up to 15TB. If you want to evaluate our service, sign up for our 14-day free trial today.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.