The Safety of FTP-Based File Sharing Service

The File Transfer Network Protocol is preferred over HTTP for exchanging large files because of it simplicity and security. HTTP and FTP can be both used together with SSL or TLS for data security. However, HTTP has a vulnerability that allows hackers to decrypt data exchange silently between a server and a client.

HTTP based file sharing systems rely on cookies to keep an authenticated session. This file sharing method can be exploited using a cookie-based technique called Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS or BEAST. This technique takes advantage of block cipher mode encryptions like TripleDES and AES. This can be a problem for businesses that depend on cloud-based file sharing services because sensitive data that may be acquired by unauthorized people.

If you are worried about the security risk of HTTP-based file sharing services, consider FTP online storage. FTP-based file sharing services are safe from BEAST exploits because they do not rely on cookies. The data and communication channels are also separated which makes it difficult to decipher the stream.

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