Businesses that process a lot of sales need to ensure the safety of their records. If you lose your records, auditing can be a problem. It is necessary to backup your data often to prevent data loss that may disrupt your business.

Common storage solutions like network attached storage or external hard drives are bulky and can be very expensive. Many small businesses cannot afford these devices. Most of them are often in high risk of losing all their important files because they don’t have back up storage for their data. A good solution to this is getting an online storage service. This service is a secure way to store important data and be able to access them even if your system crashes. Data is transferred using an FTP client or through a web based control panel. A nice feature of this service is it allows you to set several levels of user permissions. This lets you limit your employee’s access to your files. You can also incorporate the provider’s API backup module into your order processing software to automate the storage process. This lets you process orders and the record is uploaded directly to your storage account.

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