We all know how important it is to back up our files. Whether you are managing a business or just a personal website, having a regular back up schedule takes a lot of worries away. With everything you need to do, it’s very easy to forget about your back up schedule and let a week or a month pass by without being able to back up your important data.

To avoid forgetting to back up your files, you must look for the best online storage site that offers more than just file storage but also a scheduled backup feature. With this service, you know that your files are regularly backed up even if you don’t initiate it manually. A scheduled back up gives you more freedom to do other things and gives you the peace of mind that your important files are protected if anything happens to your main server or if your web hosting service suddenly encounters a problem.

SmartFile is the best online storage site. We offer a great express backup software you can use to protect your files. Our programs meet API standards, making our service the best there is on the market. Take advantage of our free 14 day trial today.

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