More expensive = More secure? Not really…

Secure Socket Layer was developed by Netscape to manage the transfer of secure data over the Internet. It uses a public and private key to encrypt and decrypt data. Using an SSL is a crucial part of secure file transfers.

There is a wide variety of companies that provide SSL’s with an even wider variety of pricing. Some players have been in the game much longer than others. This does add to their credibility, but does it justify the price? VeriSign charges $299 for a 1 year certificate. Thawte comes in at half that with a 1 year certificate for $149. GoDaddy is on the lower end charging $35 for a 1 year certificate.  So with that big of a price swing the certificates must be different right? The SSL system is based on trust.  Is VeriSign 8.5 times more trustworthy than GoDaddy? I think not.

It all boils down to what brand you prefer. When securing your file storage website go with the company you are most comfortable with. Peace of mind is always worth the price.

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