Secure FTP: A Great Storage Solution for Businesses

There have been many issues when it comes to security over sharing information online. Many users have become victims of fraud because of an unsecured information exchange.  This causes apprehensions and serious concerns, especially for businesses that deal with sensitive client information. It has been a long debate whether it is safe or not to share information online.  While some may still think otherwise, you can actually manage files through a secure FTP service today.

FTP Online storage gives users the security to exchange data with other users. It employs a secured socket layer protocol to encrypt data channels during transfer. It is also easy to use because users can do a big file transfer using a computer’s built-in File Transfer Protocol client or a web-based file manager. This easy implementation is great for businesses that need a quick drop-in replacement for their current storage solution. You can let your customers enjoy the benefits of secure online storage through a Private Label Program. Sell online storage with great features for businesses to your customers at reasonable prices.

The SmartFile reseller program is a great way to increase your business’ income and improve business ties with your clients.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.