Secure Online File Storage Service for Laptop Users

Most hard drives in laptops have free fall sensors to prevent the head from hitting the platter in case the laptop is dropped. But there are times that the mechanism fails to protect the hard drive from damage. This causes a head crash that corrupts data in it which is beyond recovery. To prevent losing files, you should always back up your data.

Since laptops are mobile, they are more prone to drops or shocks. This can cause damage to the hard drive and you may lose data. To prevent this kind of situation, you should opt for an online file storage service. This lets you keep your files in a safe virtual storage medium. The remote servers offer a fail-safe method of preventing your files from corruption or loss. They employ a front end with a dedicated storage farm with RAID configured storage. This means, the storage area is isolated from the communication servers, so any attacks will not affect the storage farm. RAID storage also provides a redundant method of storing files and fast file transfer. So if any of the disks fail, technicians can just hot swap the disk and recreate the array. This service provides you with 100% up-time and reliability.

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