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Ever heard of BitTorrent, Limewire, or Pirate Bay?  All three are insecure, peer-to-peer file sharing systems in which some employees are using to share confidential data in the office.  What makes these file sharing programs a poor choice for sharing sensitive information, you ask?  Well, peer-to-peer file sharing programs allow users to designate files or folders with which to share to all users of a network.  The problem is the accidental designation of a confidential file or folder shared to a network full of hackers.  By sharing an important file by mistake, company assets are at a higher risk of being compromised.  Viruses and other malware are highly prevalent in such insecure networks and have the ability to change the files and folders designated for sharing, essentially putting everything on your computer at risk.  Even if these peer-to-peer file sharing programs are being used for music or other forms of media, tax return documents, health records, and other personal files can be used against you from the effects of such viruses.  Even worse, if there are any glitches in your network of computers in regards to security, one infected computer could gain access to other computers full of even more confidential information.

Sounds awful, right?  With SmartFile, file sharing is safe and secure.  By supporting SFTP, FTPS, and FTPES, all forms of secure file transfer, and advanced encryption, files on your SmartFile account will only be seen and downloaded by the people you choose to share them with.  In addition to smart security, we give you tons of cool features that enable you to manage your files even better than before!  You’re welcome.

To learn more about SmartFile security and features, click here.

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