When working for a creative agency, it is not uncommon for a creative or an account executive to work with large photo or video files. These files will usually be sent to a client for preview or approval. Unfortunately, the company’s email service has file size limits for attachments. This can be a problem especially when the agency is dealing with a really tight deadline and needs to get the files to the client immediately.

In the past, most would save these files in a storage device like a CD or thumb drive, then run off to bring the files or send them via mail to the client. Though effective, it is not the most practical thing to do. A smart way to email big files is by using an online file transfer protocol storage service. This allows you to store files online and email your client the downloadable link. An online FTP storage service helps you save time and effort sending large files.

If you are looking for a reliable provider, consider SmartFile storage solutions. Its innovative file sharing solution lets you share files whenever, wherever. Sign up today for our free trial and get to enjoy the benefits of our service for 14 days.

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