Email is great! Businesses today wouldn’t be where they are without it. However, one major downfall with sending emails is the size limitation of attachments. How to send big files has become a real problem. There is nothing worse then getting an email kicked back, with files your customer needs, because it was too big. Now with the ability to send links through your SmartFile account those days are over.
Having the ability to transfer big files is a necessity. Regardless of the size of your file you can send a link to any email address to download it. This also does away with congested inbox’s full of huge attachments. Need to send a big file to multiple people? No problem. When creating a link you can send it to a whole list of users. You also have the ability to set expiration dates and download limits to prevent links from being used after a project deadline.

Send Links

So whether you’re an Architect sending out large CAD files or a Contractor sending bids to multiple people Smartfile has you covered. Sound to good to be true? Click here to try it for FREE.

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