The Digital India Programme, launched in 2015, promised delivery of digital infrastructure and digital empowerment to citizens all over India. While these are worthy goals, the new digital benchmarks of the program are closely followed by the need for increasing cybersecurity. Sending documents to India may increase the data breach risk for businesses. Keep reading to find out how to send sensitive documents to India safely.

Sending sensitive information such as Visa or employment records is risky. According to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the average size of a data breach in India grew by 8.5%. Compared to the global increase of 3.2%, India has felt the growing pains of the digital era.

So, What is a Business To Do?

The most common ways of sending documents include emailing attachments, using a collaboration software or sending hard copies in the mail (for official documents). However, international transfers lacking security protocol pose a threat for businesses. In fact, 41% of businesses experienced a data breach in 2016 caused by malicious intent (hacker or program).

The solution to this problem is using a secure file sharing service that features encryption. If you are in a pinch, try following the easy steps below to start sending documents to India. Businesses needing a long-term solution can also rely on SmartFile for their entire organization.

Start Sending Documents to India

Sending documents to India is easy with SmartFile. Simply:

  1. Sign up for our FREE 14-day trial here
  2. Upload your files
  3. Email the documents through SmartFile’s UI OR create a share link that is password-protected and email it
  4. Alternatively, use the Outlook add-in to send files directly through Outlook

Learn the basics of SmartFile here.

SmartFile uses encryption so your information is safer, plus you can access analytics in our premium accounts that tell you when your files have been opened.

Receiving Documents from India

Sending documents from India to the U.S.? Maybe you have a client who has to send you legal documents or business papers, but you don’t want to risk email or shipping.

  1. Sign up for our FREE 14-day trial here
  2. Create an upload link
  3. Share the link with your client

Pro Tip: You can set an alert for every time something is uploaded to your link (see our blog post here).

sending documents to india

A Preview of the SmartFile UI

Preventing Data Breaches for Shared Files

If you are a business that deals with sensitive information in your file sharing, consider using a file sharing method that provides encryption, user permissions and analytics. With the prevalence of data breaches in India, encryption is more important than ever.

However, the key to detecting a data breach is monitoring user behavior. Data breaches are typically given away by a spike in user activity. For example, if your users average 50 activities (at most) on a given business day, an alert indicating over 300 files moved inherently seems suspicious. If you’re really focused on adding this level of monitoring for added compliance or security, FileHub™, SmartFile’s on-premises solution, is a great choice for your business because of our interactive analytical dashboard, which allows for greater transparency.

sending documents to india

The SmartStats Interactive Analytics Dashboard

As the India Digital Programme begins to grow, sending documents to India should become a less painful process. However, regardless of the ease of transfer, always use a solution that provides your business with the security and functionality to keep your operations thriving.

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