It’s 4:55 p.m. and you’re ready to leave work. All you have to do is finish sending that email. Attach file, upload and send to your — wait, what? “File size exceeds limit”? The file is too large. Great. Now what? If you’re working in Gmail or Outlook, sending files over 25mb becomes a headache.

Is there a better way to send files over 25mb?

The Best Ways to Send Files Over 25mb

There are better and easier ways to share large files. Here are some quick tips for sending files over 25mb, without having to put in some overtime.

1. Compress the File

You can easily compress PDFs using any number of free PDF compressors. A simple search engine check will load the many free applications you can use. There are also compressors available for photos. For most file compressors, you must simply upload the file and, in a short period of time, you will have a compressed output file to save on your desktop.

BEWARE: If you are sending documents with any sensitive, personal or business information, third-party apps may try to copy your data. Continue reading for other alternatives…

2. Zip the File

If you have multiple large files, it may make sense to compress them into a .zip file. To do this, simply right-click on your file or folder, then click “Send To”, then “Compressed Zipped Folder”. A .zip folder will appear in the same location.

Sending Files over 25mb

3. Re-Save the File

If you are attempting to upload a larger document, such as a PowerPoint, sometimes saving the file in a different format will help decrease the size. Simply click “Save As” in the menu. This is an often overlooked solution that could be tried first.

When dealing with images, the most condensed file versions are .jpg or .png. If you are dealing with graphic design elements (such as Adobe InDesign files) you may try sending them as a picture instead of the raw data. If you have to send the file in its current format, continue reading.

SAFE WAY TO SEND FILES OVER 25MB: Have an important file that you need to send now? Get a free trial of SmartFile, no credit card required! 

4. Gmail and Google Drive Links

Gmail may have been the source of your headache; however, there is a solution. Gmail does allow sending files over 25mb via Google Drive, which is convenient but not always recommended for even low-security files. This solution is typically automated and will automatically prompt you to use Google Drive.

BEWARE: If you are sending documents with any sensitive, personal or business information, Google Drive is not a secure option. You or your organization won’t have any visibility into what happens to the file. Was it accessed? When was it accessed? How many times was it accessed? What IP address accessed it? Can you turn off access to the file or password protect it? You need a safer way to send files over 25mb. Keep reading to find out how…

5. Sending Files Over 25mb that Contain Sensitive Information

Whether it is your social security number or financial statements for your business, it is best to avoid using online or third-party compressors. You just don’t know what will happen to the file. The third party might own it upon upload, for instance (that would be buried in those Terms of Agreement that were agreed to but never read).

A simple solution is to use SmartFile. SmartFile is a file management and file sharing tool that provides security for sensitive information without the complications. Not ready to spend money on a permanent solution just yet? Simply create your free trial account here (no credit card required), and then upload your documents. You can then send a link to your file (similar to the procedure for Google Drive sharing in Gmail) through SmartFile’s web portal or through your preferred email account with no hassle. If you use Outlook to access your email, you can even use the Outlook Connector to add a secure file link without ever leaving Outlook.

Pro Tip:

If you know the receiver of your file may have to send the same file back, create an upload link in SmartFile. By attaching it to your email signature, your receiver will also be able to send files over 25mb without the same headache, all within your branded portal.

Send Sensitive Large Files

For business documents, you need more insight into your file activity and behavior. With SmartFile, you get a tool that’s easy to use, with multiple access methods and granular activity reports and alerts.

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