Things to Consider When Setting up and FTP Server at Home

Most people think that they could save more if they set up their own FTP server at home. However, owning one can cost you a lot. Here are some of the things you need to consider when setting up a home server.

You can actually make a regular desktop PC an FTP server if it has the right specifications. Choose a computer that has a fast processor so it can handle all of the processes without eating up too many resources. A fast processor is a bit expensive compared to regular ones used for home or office applications. The memory should also be enough to store all of the running processes of the system. The ideal configuration of your hard drives is RAID 1+0. This combines fast file transfer and data mirroring for safety. You’ll be using four drives for this configuration. However, you will only have the capacity of two drives since the other two are used as mirrors. You’ll also be needing a dedicated Internet connection for this. Normal home connections won’t do because of the bandwidth requirements.

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