Share Files through an Online File Server

The Internet is a powerful medium used by businesses in propagating their services. Large chunks of data are exchanged everyday. Having your own online file server to store your data can be costly. This is a big investment and not every business can afford it. If you are looking for an affordable data storage, you’re in luck. A more economical way of storing your files is through an online storage service.

Buying your own server alone will cost you around $3000-$5000. Software, a dedicated Internet connection and maintenance fees would cost you a few more thousand dollars. Many businesses, especially small ones, cannot afford this kind of investment. How are you going to store your files and share it with your clients? A better solution to this problem is through an online file data storage service. This is a shared service where you are given an allocated space and bandwidth for an affordable fee. You can conveniently use this service to send large files to your customers. You just have to give them a link where they can download the file they need. File transfer through this service is secure as it uses SSL to encrypt your connection. You can also set access permissions to your folders and files.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.