Share High Resolution Pictures with Friends or Family Using Online Storage

There are several methods of sharing pictures over the Internet. A popular method is through an email service. However, this takes too much time and effort because you need to send them in batches to avoid going over the attachment limit. Social networks allow picture sharing but your pictures will be crunched to a lower quality to save bandwidth. If you want to conveniently share pictures with other people without reducing quality, consider checking out online storage for files.

This service lets you share high resolution pictures of your vacation or other occasions with friends or family even if they are several miles away. Unlike other methods of sharing pictures, you can share several Gigabytes of pictures with no problems. You don’t need to reduce the resolution of your pictures or compress them to be able to send them. Pictures are uploaded to your account and you can send your friends a download link so they can view your pictures directly from their computers. Also, online file data storage is not only good for picture sharing, but also for backing up important data files.

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