A lot of companies nowadays outsource employees from different parts of the world. With the power of the Internet, a team can create a final product without even seeing each other. They can work and collaborate with other team members at the comforts of their home.

If you have an offshore team and need to share large files, it would be better to have a centralfile data storage where you and your team can access files easily. However, having your own file server can be very expensive and difficult to maintain. Also there are certain countries that have strict Internet censorship and blocks certain sites or IP addresses. Some of your employees from China for example, may not be able to access the files needed. To overcome this problem, you should opt to get an online media storage service that is accessible in China. This service allows you to share large files and not worry about your other employees getting blocked. SmartFile is one of the service providers in the world that isn’t blocked by other countries. This means easier file sharing at lower operational costs.

Share files the smart way with SmartFile. We have robust servers with isolated data farms to ensure rock solid stability and data security. Sign up for our 14-day free trial to learn why SmartFile is the right choice for your storage solutions.

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