Sharing Large Files Conveniently and Fast with Online Storage

Sending a large video file through email is difficult because of the attachment limitations. You can only attach a maximum of 10MB for most email services. If you want to email big file, you can break it to smaller data chunks using an application. However, this task may take forever and take too much effort. Imagine breaking up a 1GB video into 10MB chunks. That’s around 100+ chunks!

Another way of sending large files is by burning them onto a disk. Most DVDs can hold 4.7 GB of data. However, what if you want to send the video to someone more than a 15 minute drive away? You need to ship the disc to share the video. This may take a while to arrive to the recipient. If you want a fast and convenient way of storing files, you should try online media storage.

With online storage, you do not need to break up large files into smaller chunks. Just upload the files into your account and you can share them with others. Other people can access your files through download links that you will be sending them.

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