The Internet changed the way we do business today. Every business, no matter how big or small, has a website and several company e-mail addresses. Because the Internet is ever changing, most businesses find themselves riding the waves of Internet innovation. First, it was web hosting with a wide range of web hosting tools and customized email addresses that companies were looking for. Now, aside from having a great website on an efficient web hosting service, file hosting or file data storage is another innovation worth having in any kind of business.

If your company relies heavily on emails, you should know that email services are not always the most reliable and secure way of communicating with your clients. If you are sending important files and messages through your email, making sure these files and your messages are secured should be one of your main concerns. Hacked email accounts are not uncommon today. Your confidential information and files are at great risk of landing into the hands of hackers.

File Transfer Protocols are one of the many benefits you can get from file storage . If you have a growing company, you have to manage your files properly. Sending large files to clients or putting videos on your website can be done faster with FTP.

Online storage for files is the best tool any business can have. Sign up for Smartfile’s free trial and experience all the benefits of secure file transfer protocol.

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