Small Business: Big Advantage

Keep in mind, everyone is different. There are some people who aren’t cut out for work in a small business, but will thrive in a large corporation. We love our small business and we want to share the perks of working in this kind of environment.

Flexible Organization

In a small business, there’s simply less “red tape” to go through.  If you need something new for the office, you would only have to talk to one or two people instead of the multiple channels of people in a corporate organization.  When something unexpected happens, flexibility will allow the company to react quickly and more efficiently than if they had to get approval from a superior.

Passionate Employees

In a small company, you would be working with people who are just as passionate about their work as you are. Just like you, the other employees could easily work for a larger, corporate organization and get lost in the shuffle; but they chose to go where they and their work would be more appreciated.

Fun Perks

With a smaller team, there’s a more laid back atmosphere, with some unique perks. For example, I wrote this while wearing jeans. JEANS. No stuffy three piece suit here. To boost office morale, a lot of small businesses allow employees to bring their pets into work with them. Small companies will also get more involved with their communities; they will take time out of their day to volunteer with local charities, like we did. Many small business have adopted the “as long as you produce great work, there’s no reason we can’t have fun,” mentality.

Mentoring Possibilities

In larger corporations there can be a disconnect between the boss and the employees. Free communication between the executives and the rest of the company allow for a stronger relationships and a better work environment for everyone. Your president/CEO/head honcho will be one of your best resources for learning about the industry and business in general. They offer experience She/he may also be really cool, you never know.

Even though SmartFile is growing, we’re still proud to be a small business. We have an incredible team that combined with a fun atmosphere works to produce an outstanding product. We love what we do, and we have a great time doing it.

We aren’t the only ones who think small businesses are great, you can find more benefits here.

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