Sometimes you want instant access to your files without having to login through a web browser or use an FTP program.  Mapping a network drive is perfect for that. You can easily map your SmartFile account to your computer in a few steps.  Save yourself a few steps and instantly access your files!

If you’re on a Mac:

  1. In the “Finder” select “Go” in the top menu and choose “Connect to Server…” (or Command+K)
  2. Type in “”.  If you have a custom domain just make sure to swap http with ftp.
  3. Click “Connect”
  4. Type in your SmartFile username and password and click “OK”
  5. You will see “” mounted in your “SHARED” drives
  6. If you want to keep it around permanently you can
    1. Go into “System Preferences”
    2. Click “Users & Groups” and choose “Login Items”
    3. Click the “+” icon
    4. Find the folder and click “Add”

If you’re on a PC:

  1. In the “File Explorer” or “My Computer” click “Computer” in the left menu
  2. Right Click the white space in the area around the listed drives and choose “Add a network location”
  3. Click “Next” in the “Add Network Location Wizard”
  4. Click “Choose a custom network location” and click “Next”
  5. Type in “”.  If you have a custom domain just make sure to swap http with ftp.
  6. Uncheck “Log on anonymously”, type your SmartFile username, click “Next”
  7. Type a name for the location and click “Next”
  8. Click “Finish”
  9. A Log On dialog will pop-up, enter your password and click “Log On”

This is just one more easy way to connect to SmartFile. Now you have access to your SmartFile account instantly in your file browser.  Do you have other questions or tutorial requests?  Leave a message in the comments below!  And always remember to share smart.

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