SmartFile 101 – Share Entire Folders

People know about file sharing, but what about…folder sharing! Sometimes you want to send more than one file through a link or email.  A zip file can contain them but the end user still has to unzip the file to browse the contents.  SmartFile has an easy way to send entire folder structures through a unique and customizable URL so that all files and subfolders can be accessed easily.

Here is a step by step of how you can do it…

  • Select a folder you want to share by highlighting it or clicking the checkbox next to the folder icon
  • Select the “Create Link” button
  • Click the “Advanced Options” text and select “Browse Directories”
  • Click “Create”
  • Copy the URL or fill out the email section to send to a recipient

When you open the URL you will see your folder with all the subfolders and files in it!  You can also enable upload from the “Advanced Options” portion to allow users to upload from this unique URL.  This is a great way to send a lot of files and give the user the choice to download one or all the files.  Depending on the circumstance this can be an invaluable function.

To learn more about SmartFile’s features, check out this page.  If you have questions or want a tutorial on a specific SmartFile feature, please leave a comment below.  And as always, happy sharing!

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.