I had the pleasure of presenting at an ATA chapter event in Columbus Ohio today.  In case your wondering what the ATA stands for it’s the American Teleservices Association.  It is interesting to learn about all of the regulations call centers are under.  I heard from elected officials and even someone from the FTC.

You also might be wondering why SmartFile would want to be involved with an organization like the ATA.  Well the answer is simply compliancy and regulation.  The businesses involved in this group work for businesses that constantly have to move private data to multiple people outside their network.

So what a great opportunity to show off our product that can move or upload files data securely in transit (over the wire) through 128bit encryption and on our server with 256bit encryption.

I chose the topic of the insecure email, which I will be talking about in another post.


Also, I want to thank Scott for being so generous to fly us over in his plane.  I only took the yoke for all of 2 minutes.

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