SmartFile Recording
Audio suite in the office

Who knew our team was so handy?  On top of our new release, we decided to create our very own recording studio, if you will.  Not only are we tech-savvy, but we could potentially have some success in the carpentry industry, if we do say so ourselves…

Remember SmartCare?  The personable customer support program directed towards our Enterprise package?  We decided to take it up a notch and provide ourselves with resources to give our customers the quality support they need.  With that said, our recording studio will be where all of your customized help content, videos, and webinars will be taking place.  No need to worry about missing any needed information in hosted webinars for mass training.  We’ve got our side covered, literally… with soundproofing foam.

The SmartFile team understands that time is valuable, and we won’t be wasting it.  You’ll  now be able to hear us loud and clear for any questions, concerns, or worries you may have about your SmartFile account.  We’ve got your back, so that you can focus on what’s really important in making your company successful.

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I am a Marketing Intern at SmartFile. I manage all marketing aspects of the SmartFile brand, including social media, blogging, competitor research, and infographic creation.

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