SmartFile Cares: Superhero Style

This past Monday, the SmartFile gang and some friends were able to work with The Hero Project.

For a kid, an overnight stay in a hospital can be pretty scary; there are strange sounds, new doctors, and an unfamiliar room. That’s where The Hero Project steps in. The Hero Project’s goal is give every child who stays the night at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital a superhero cape to help them brave through the night. The capes are made possible by fundraising, volunteers (hey, that’s us!), and with the help of the community.

We picked out our favorite superhero logos and chose the fabric color. With the help of The Hero Project team, we ironed on the decals and made our very own superhero capes. While none of us should quit our jobs and become fashion designers, we made some cool looking capes that will hopefully make the kids at Peyton Manning hospital feel like superheroes themselves. Because after all, they’re our heroes.

This isn’t the first time the SmartFile crew has volunteered their time. Last September, SmartFile kicked off its community service and charity initiative, SmartFile Cares; which is funded through our customer’s annual contracts. So, every one of our annual paying customers helps us make a difference through an automatic 5% donation from their contract. We’re submitting this event to Companies with a Mission to try and win The Hero Project more funding to keep on brightening the lives of Indianapolis children.You can check out all the fun we had on Facebook.

We had a blast designing different capes and posing like superheroes. But the best part about the day was working together as a team to help make a difference for the kids at the Peyton Manning Hospital. The Hero Project is an awesome group doing inspiring work and we’re excited to work with them again in the future!

If you are interested in volunteering with The Hero Project or donating please contact them at

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