How Does SmartFile Compare?

I get this question all the time, “What does SmartFile do differently, and isn’t everyone doing online storage?” Yes, online storage or file collaboration is a very competitive market. Doing business “in the cloud” will go from 6.30 billion to a projected 50.1 billion by 2013, per a recent Gartner study. So with growth like that, everyone wants their piece of the online pie.

SmartFile has positioned itself to be a business-focused product that allows companies to easily move and share large files. The four main things that make us different are outlined below:

Different File Management Methods
There are several types of FTP companies on the market today.

Companies that allow you to manage your files using FTP and FTP only.
Companies that make you download their proprietary software to manage your files.
Companies that give you the ability to only connect through their online file manager product.
Companies that only allow you to send large files via email.
Companies that only allow you to backup computer files using a PC backup program
SmartFile was designed to allow you to do all of these functions seamlessly through one application. Our product was designed around the FTP protocol, therefore allowing you to connect using any FTP program. You can also use our web-based FileManager in conjunction with FTP to allow the less tech savvy user to easily manage files. Best of all, there is NO software to download. A very popular feature is our integrated File-2-Email capability, which allows you to send a link to a large file or group of files within SmartFile to as many users as is required. And if you want to backup your PC or multiple PC’s, you can install our SmartBackup for no additional fee.

Unlimited Users
This is the feature that really sets us apart from our competition. We are one of the only providers that allows you to add as many users as necessary to operate your FTP server. We will NEVER make you pay an additional fee to add more Administrators, Managers or Users.

Custom Branding
Most FTP providers fall drastically short in this area. The only branding they allow is your logo, which I guess is better than other providers that don’t allow you to brand anything. We’ve taken the time to truly integrate your brand into our product. We offer a customized URL (, your logo, and your color scheme. Your customers will never know that SmartFile exists.

White Label Reseller Module
We have created a VAR (Value Added Reseller) module that allows you to rebrand our product to your image. This allows you to offer online file sharing and FTP capabilities to your client base. Our Reseller Module allows you to manage customers and integrate with your billing and provisioning systems.

As you can see, we are very different than our competition. By offering the most competitive pricing with the richest feature set, we make choosing an FTP provider…a Smart decision.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.