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SmartFile helps consulting firms collaborate on projects with easy file sharing opportunities!

Consulting firms utilize project folders for online convenience and organization of an assignment.  Maintaining up-to-date project information is crucial to consulting success, and SmartFile offers solutions to make consulting that much easier.

With SmartFile, create an unlimited amount of users out of project team members and even clients.  Not only that, you can create an unlimited amount of folders, including individual team member folders in addition to entire project folders that encompass all folders related to a project.  Interview notes, project schedules, client information, etc. will immediately be accessible to your team through access rights and permissions set to each user for extra security.  Even allow clients to view project folders with a set expiration date on link access.

Large PowerPoint files and pictures are no longer a problem with quick and easier online data transfer through FTP.  Create a central repository to house all of your updated information for team members to view.  In addition, use email notifications to let certain team members know when a file has been uploaded, downloaded, or deleted.  SmartFile even provides custom branding, giving your consulting a firm a more professional feel to your employees and clients.

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