SmartFile Developer is Popular Among Users

SmartFile Developer has really been taking off.  A lot of people are making some noise about how great that it has been for them, which obviously makes us really excited.  Here are some quotes from people that have been having success with our developer account:

RowdMap has found our Python API really beneficial.

“Your Python API made it almost too easy to integrate with our system.  I had it fully integrated in less than two hours.  We are using the API to store uploaded files from our users.  This takes the strain off of our servers, and your API easily lets us create temporary links that the users can access file with.  It works beautifully.” -Luke Sapan, RowdMap

Knitting Fever believes that SmartFile is head and shoulders about the competitors.

“So we have a need starting now to create user accounts for our store-owning customers, our designers, the publishers, and the other websites who intend to sell our digital patterns online.  Of all the Dropbox, Google Drive, and straight up FTP packages I saw out there, SmartFile seemed the most attractive.” -Seth Elalouf, Knitting Fever

Australian company Satin Software has had more control through the SmartFile API.

“The FTP access option enables us to start using SmartFile immediately with our existing backup software.  Then we grew into using the SmartFile API which gives us better access and control than available through plain FTP. . . .In the future we plan to harness some of the many SmartFile features for online data sharing, so that our premises-based Motel Management software gains a growing range of on-line information availability.” -Geoff Allen, Satin Software

Our developer account is helping companies all over the world.  If you have had a positive experience with SmartFile, let us know so that we can publish your opinions on our site!

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.