SmartFile has moved! If you will recall, we previously had our home in the Stutz building, a great office space with a lot of charm. However, as we’ve grown so have our space requirements.

We wanted to move into a new office that was able to expand as our team grew, so while we were sad to leave the Stutz (and various delicacies from Bearcats) behind, we were excited to move on to bigger opportunities. We were especially excited to move into another historic building with an interesting history.

The Downtown Indy Building with Many Names

Just south of Monument Circle, right where Meridian splits into Madison, there sits a stout, three-story red brick building. Nestled in between Rolls Royce and Eli Lilly, this building has gone by many different names but was first known as The Industrial Traning School when it was dedicated in 1895.

In the late 1800s, it was decided that there was a need for a secondary school that would provide technical training skills to students — like mechanics, drafting and home nursing — alongside a traditional curriculum. A triangular plot of land bordering Meridian, Madison and Merril streets was selected for the school, forever messing up the possibility of traveling directly south on Meridian.

smartfile the union
The Union — aka Manual Training School — sits just left of the center of the map. | See Full Size & Image Source: Wikipedia

In 1916, it was renamed to a more familiar name to many Indy citizens, the Charles E. Emmerich Manual Training High School, after the school’s first principle. The school relocated in the 1950s, and the present Manual Training High School is located on Madison Avenue on the south side of Indianapolis.

Soon another high school would occupy the halls, Harry E. Wood High School, and remain there for the next 25 years. In 1988, After being empty for a decade, the building was transformed into office space for an insurance company called Brougher Insurance, which is why the building has been most recently known as the Brougher Building.

the union brougher building cornerstone
The memorial plaque outside The Union, formerly known as the Brougher Building

Today, the building stands as The Union, a unique space that specializes in flexible units for scale-up companies — defined as those companies that are past the startup stage. Which makes it perfect for SmartFile’s growth plans.

SmartFile Scaling in Indianapolis

SmartFile has big plans in the works in regards to growth. In fact, we plan on ramping up hiring over the next few years.

In order to accommodate that many people and not keep wasting money on moving every year, we needed a space that would grow with us. This is where The Union offers its indispensable benefits — moveable walls.

As you’ll see in the slider below, we’ve still kept some of the elements of our older office — the custom-built wooden dividers, the fearsome beast that we think is either a blue marlin or a swordfish and our SmartFile sign from the early days.

Our space in The Union offers a lot of other benefits, including stellar business-class internet connectivity with VOIP and hosting services from Lightbound. Ensuring we have consistent connectivity is essential to providing the best experience to our customers

We’ve still got a kitchen fully stocked with snacks (I’ll leave this right here) to keep our everyone, (especially our developers!) full and focused and four new conference rooms to hold breakouts and meetings. On top of all that, we’ve got some of the best views in the city!

Courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society.

Courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society.

Courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society.

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Want to Join Our Team?

SmartFile is always looking to bring passionate and bright individuals with strong character on board. If you’re looking to join one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work in 2016, click the button below to see our open positions!

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Full disclosure: John Hurley, CEO of SmartFile, is a part-owner of The Union.

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