SmartFile Vs. Google Drive

We’ve had some questions recently about Google Drive and how it compares to SmartFile, and I’m here to clear some things up.  Recently, Google has come out with Google Drive, a cloud computing service enabling one to manage, share, and sync files to multiple devices.  There’s been hype, but is it really as great as everyone says?

First of all, Google Drive is a cloud sharing service, in turn giving them limitations on file upload size with 10GB being the max.  This makes it difficult for those individuals who live and breath around large files at work, and SmartFile’s unlimited file size feature from using FTP solves this issue.  In addition, there are many security worries surrounding cloud sharing in general, mostly because files are stored in the subjective ‘cloud’.  For a business to even contemplate putting highly confidential data on an insecure network is risky and puts files in jeopardy of being read by unauthorized users in a public cloud.  In comparison, SmartFile is FTP Hosting, saving files to a server rather than a cloud and providing encryption and password protection for added security.

Since Google Drive is cloud computing, they require the troubling procedure of downloading their software onto all of your devices whereas there is no need to download software with SmartFile.  And while using Google Drive to download files from their system, if the connection is lost, the precious file that was taking over an hour to download has to start all over again.  With SmartFile and FTP, if a connection is lost, the file will continue to download where it left off once the connection is regained.

Google Drive’s feature on setting permissions is pretty basic compared to SmartFile’s permission based folders in the sense that an administrator can select who can view, edit, or comment on any shared file or folder.  They do provide a collaboration system in which users can display comments on files or folders in regards to project-oriented work.  The main problem with Google Drive, however, deals with the editing of files.  Opening files from the local folder on Windows or Mac computers works just fine.  However, if retrieving any file on the Google Drive website, the file will show up as read-only and causes the user to convert the file to Google Docs to even begin editing.  This conversion creates two copies of the file in your account and also causes those who rely on Microsoft applications to think twice.

Finally, Google doesn’t provide branding or support for your account, mostly because it’s Google, and they don’t have to.  Adwords are the big money maker for Google and spending money and time on branding or providing customer support is something they will never offer.  SmartFile, on the other hand, provides extensive branding (so much so that our name completely disappears!) in addition to customer support 24/7.

So, there’s the honest breakdown.  Of course, I may seem a little bias, but I’m here to give you completely straightforward answers.  Keep the questions coming!

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.