SmartFile Offers Secure Data Management

File Transfer Protocol offers a convenient way of sharing files from one location to another without worrying about unauthorized data access. Because every session is encrypted, you can be confident that your data is secured even during the process of transferring files.

Small and large scale businesses in different industries can benefit from an online FTP service.  Aside from giving different people permission to access your files, you can also schedule file back ups through a reliable and fast FTP service. One of the many things people tend to forget is to regularly back up their files. With a scheduler, you simply have to choose how often you want to back up your files, which folders you want to back up and what time of the day you want to do the process.

Businesses with virtual offices should have an online file management service they can rely on. This means choosing a service that has zero downtime, a friendly UI and RAID configured storage mediums. You need to look for a service that has an easy-to-understand interface to make sure all users who need to access your files will be able to do so even if they don’t have knowledge about the different FTP command lines.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.