SmartFile has recently released a desktop sync client for Windows (sorry Mac, we’re working hard to get to you soon)! This gives everyone another easy way to access and manage their files without even logging into SmartFile. This early release of the sync client is in beta with a few known issues, but we want to offer it to our customers free of charge to use as they please. All accounts have access to download and install the desktop sync (or you can easily restrict your users to disable the feature). Either way, SmartFile now offers local sync!

This sync client is a very basic in that it only syncs two ways (up and down) without any other features. Any changes you make locally on your desktop will be reflected in your account online, and vice versa. You can get started very quickly just by entering your credentials or you can do an advanced setup by entering a specific path you want to sync, or an SSH key. Just a warning, any files you delete locally or online will be reflected in both locations (as long as the sync client is running). There isn’t much to this version of the client because we need your feedback! If you don’t have a SmartFile account, sign up now for free and get started!

To download it, just login to your account and select the icon in the top-right menu. Future improvements will be coming soon, along with new sync API endpoints. We’d love your feedback on what you think about it and how we can make it better for you. Enjoy!

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1 thought on “SmartFile Releases a Desktop Sync Client for Windows (Beta)”

  1. I would like for the desktop sync to be able to share files/folders directly from it. I would like for the desktop sync to have the same functionality as the web UI for sharing files (advanced settings).

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