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Why SmartFile is a Smart Fit for Banks

The protection of sensitive data in banking is vital to their success. When banking employees need to transfer or share files they need to ensure that it’s safe from accidental or malicious exposure. A security breach could mean disaster for the reputation of the bank and the lives of their clients.

SmartFile has worked with our fair share of banks to provide exactly what they need to be successful. Some banks that we assist have less than 100 file sharing users and fewer than 15 locations. These smaller banks needed high security without the high cost. FileHub, our on-prem solution was the best fit for them.

Here’s why SmartFile is a smart fit for banks.

Trust is Important

One of the most important aspects of a bank is their trustworthiness. Because of banks’ proximity to sensitive and confidential financial documents, their customers need to trust their bank can keep their information private. Imagine the fallout if someone got illegal access to a bank’s documents and files. It would be an utter disaster for the poor customers who would be exposed and an absolute nightmare for the bank who was breached.

Individual banks have worked hard for their brand to represent safety and trust so when banks come to SmartFile we make sure that all their customers see is the bank they trust with their most valuable information, instead of seeing our branding (even though we rather enjoy our branding).

We allow for full customization of banks’ web portal branding. From the logo to colors and even some custom CSS, banks can create the clean, professional look they desire.

This customization was especially important to the smaller banks we’ve assisted. With fewer locations than the “brand name” banks, they pride themselves on their close relationships to their clients. But with SmartFile, they were able to keep their branding on their portals and give peace of mind to their clients.


Security is of the utmost importance for banks of any size. Traditional connection methods like FTP/SFTP are often not protected enough for the sensitive nature of the information they possess (nobody needs to know I spend way too much money going out to eat).

The banks SmartFile work with need a secure way to exchange content with clients and partners and some are looking for a replacement to FTP/SFTP. For many banks, FileHub, our on-premise file sharing solution is the absolute best option. All of the bank’s information can stay safe on a server that’s already behind their firewall.

Learn more about what to look for in an on-premise solution.


Bad things happen in the shadows, and that includes Shadow IT. Even banks with the best intentions fail when they neglect to reign in their employees’ use of personal cloud storage. One stray financial statement on an unsecured storage site can lead to ruin.

With SmartFile’s web interface, you combat shadow IT with ease-of-use and security. Employees won’t need to download a new app or program to clutter their desktop or mobile device.

Not only can SmartFile eliminate the shadows, but we can also shine a light on what is happening with the files in the organization. The right people at your bank will have full visibility of who is sharing, uploading, downloading and deleting files and can see a detailed visual tracking log. Not only that, but you can decide who has access to what with our granular permissions.


With our on-prem file sharing solution, banks get  “SmartCare:” a VIP personalized help service. We do more than drop off your devices and give you a rundown. Not only do update your devices quarterly to give you the newest features and customizations, our robust support includes webinars, video support for training, plus you get an engineer on call 24/7.

Most of our competitors only offer hybrid or cloud file sharing solutions, and that simply doesn’t work for most banks. SmartFile’s on-prem solution is easy to use, easy to install, and our support is 24/7.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.