SmartFile: A Solution for Graphic Designers

Tired of the difficulty or inability of sending large media files over email?  Want a simpler way of managing your files and more control over who can view and edit them?  A file sharing system and online storage provider, like SmartFile, is the perfect solution for graphic designers who wish for an easier way of storing, sharing, and syncing their files to all of their devices.

It’s simple.  Instead of trying to squeeze large media files into an email attachment, SmartFile has the ability to condense the file to a link that can be sent to an unlimited amount of users for viewing.  Even set permissions on the users and control the amount of time they have access to the link, in addition to who can edit, upload, or delete files to a specific folder.

Frequently have issues with uploading/downloading files on both Mac and Windows?  SmartFile makes it easy!  By adding the SmartFile desktop virtual drive, files can be uploaded/downloaded from either version without hassle.  Also, take advantage of many other features like the ability to search for files/folders with keywords. SmartFile also has the ability to sync all of your files to all of your devices, eliminating the inconvenience of emailing a project to yourself or searching for a photo that may only be available on one of the several electronic devices you own.

Not only is SmartFile an excellent system to have for graphic designers, but it’s also a great solution for churches, construction companies, photographers, and many more listed here.  How would SmartFile help make your life a little easier?

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.