SmartFile Sponsors Professional Networking Organization Rainmaker

As the fastest growing business networking organization in the Midwest, the members of Rainmakers focus on building solid relationships with other professionals in their area, which results in a core group of individuals working for and selling each other’s services. Rainmakers separates itself from other networking groups because it teaches people how to build long-term strategic relationships by identifying a niche and then building relationships and generating long-term growth within that area. With each member being an expert in their respective field, the outcome is a group of individuals advising, promoting, and supporting each other in the business community.

As a corporate sponsor of Rainmakers, SmartFile encourages the personal and professional development of entrepreneurs and professionals alike. In addition, all members of Rainmakers will receive a 20% discount on a Smart Package, making the service only .95/month.

For more information, or if you’re in the Midwest and would like to find a networking event in your area, please visit

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