Software Update: What’s New?

Our team is constantly exploring new ideas and listening to customer feedback to enhance everything from our user interface (UI) to customer service. Over the weekend, we rolled out a software update that was a combination of improvements and new features for the SmartFile platform.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Activity Streaming:

The activity page can now auto-update, allowing you to stream events in real-time. We added a smart little icon to indicate the activity’s mood – Information, Warning, orCritical.  Users will not have more customized control over organizing alerts and activities.

Control Enable & Disable Users: 

Admins can now enable or disable one or more users with a simple check and click. Ensure your documents are secure when changes in personnel (new hire, employee resigns, role change, etc.) occur.

More Filters for Quick Search: 

The quick search bar now filters by “Tag” and “Attributes” in addition to the file name. For example, you can search by the owners name or perhaps a specific camera name you credited and used to upload photographs with on your site. This feature results in more powerful and dynamic search capabilities.

Link Uploads Save Attributes: 

With the option to upload readable or writeable files to a link, files will also now store additional form fields as attributes. This means these upload forms can have fields like name, customer number, etc. Writeable links are a great way to allow end users without a SmartFile account to upload files to you.

Task Monitoring:

We have added a count at the top right that indicates how many operations are currently active so users will know when all operations, regardless of if the progress bar is open or closed, are complete. This allows for improved file and time management.

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Happy Sharing!

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