A Storage Solution Better Than External Hard Drives

External drives are common devices used to back up data. They have more storage capacity compared to discs or USB thumb drives. However, they may be bulky and some need external power to operate. This can be a hassle for people who are on-the-go and have limited baggage space.

Another problem with these file data storage devices is interoperability with different operating systems. If your hard drive is formatted with HFS+ to work on a Mac, there may be a problem when using the drive on a PC. The PC won’t be able to see the file system and think the drive is corrupted or empty. There’s an HFS+ driver for Windows but is for read-only operation. You won’t be able to store files on an HFS+ formatted drive.

To store and share files regardless of the operating system, consider online media storage. Instead of carrying a storage device, you can store files on a virtual drive using this service. The virtual drive can be accessed through the Internet and can be managed easily through an FTP client or a browser.

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