A Storage Solution Suitable for PDA Users

PDAs are the preferred devices for professionals with a fast-paced lifestyle. They are lighter than a laptop but can check emails, work with documents, connect to the Internet and even play games. Since these devices have touchscreens, a keyboard is not necessary making it compact and thinner. However, one drawback is their storage space. These devices usually have a maximum capacity of only a few Gigabytes.

If you need more storage space minus the bulkiness, try an online media storage service. Such a service lets you store files in a virtual storage disk and download them directly to your device. You just need a working Internet connection and you can store, share and back up your files easily. This service also has additional features like secure transfers through SSL, file/folder restrictions and you can even create additional users so other people can access your files. Your files are also safe from corruption and loss because unlike traditional file data storage devices, this service offers data redundancy on disk arrays. Meaning if one of the disks in the server fails, there will be a backup mirror image.

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