Store Documents Online From Your Printer via FTP

Many businesses around the world have one common piece of equipment in the office.  It is something that is dealt with almost everyday and based on the amount of features it has it can create a lot of headaches.  It’s the printer!…or the printer, fax, scan, email, and whatever combo monstrosity that is too confusing to figure out. Either way it’s one extremely common way that you share documents.

Regardless of your paper jams or low toner issues, the printer has made serious strides in the past decade to help distribute your documents.  A lot of business printers have file sharing capabilities built into them.  Using software like Nuance PaperPort Anywhere your Dell printer can send a digital copy to your cloud storage or FTP server. Once the document has been scanned and sent to your online storage, then you can access it from anywhere in the world.

There are many great things that sending your files through FTP from your printer can help with, such as:

  • Saving paper.  If you have a digital version you don’t have to print it as much.  Go green and save paper.
  • Easy sharing. Share you files instantly instead of printing 50 copies and passing them out one by one.  Just email everyone a copy and tell them to bring their laptops to the meeting.
  • Offsite backup. Just in case of catastrophe or mistake you have a backup online that can live forever.
  • Accessible anywhere. You can access your stored files anywhere with an interent connection. You’ll probably need a computer also.
  • Office hero.  People will marvel at the fact that you have mastered the printer and you will be a source of inspiration for others looking to figure out the intimidating mega-printer.

All of this is why SmartFile is a perfect business file sharing solution.  You can easily use your custom SmartFile domain as an FTP address on your office printer and store all your scanned and copied documents directly into your account.  From there you can share it with anyone in the world using a web browser or FTP client.  You have the ability to scan a document in one country and immediately have it stored and accessed in another country half way around the world!  Try SmartFile free today!

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.