With SmartFile, you’ll receive a stress-free file management system that enables businesses to control and secure file sharing in the cloud as well as on-premise.

Effective and stress-free file management is all about improving the function of your business’s workflows. It’s also super helpful when it comes to staying organized. As a business, you’re likely documenting a large amount of information every day that requires advanced organization, edits, or management. 

With SmartFile, you’ll receive a file management system that enables businesses to control and secure file sharing in the cloud as well as on-premise. You can count on us to take care of how your files are organized rather than just how they are stored. Whether you’re dealing with large files or need a state-of-the-art look into your activity, we’re proud to make your team’s everyday file-related tasks a breeze. 

Learn more about how professional stress-free file management and simple file hosting can be an immediate game-changer for your business and its overall operations.

Email Notifications

You likely have your personal smartphone set up to notify you when you receive important texts, calls, or alerts. With this in mind, it only makes sense to have your file management system notify you about the different file interactions taking place at your business. 

At SmartFile, we think you should be in the loop of all your various file processes without having to spend too much time manually checking everything. Don’t you want to be informed when someone downloads a critical file? Or when a client uploads a file to a time-sensitive project folder? File activity notifications are crucial for staying up-to-date on everything going on behind the scenes at your workplace. 

That’s why we created a feature that can send notifications straight to your administrative email every time someone uploads, downloads, or edits a file. Activity alerts can be set up in a matter of seconds, and there is no limit to the number of email notifications you can receive. You can also have our file management system notify you about any user activity within a specific directory. Gone are the days of sitting around and hitting refresh in hopes of that upload—we’ll let you know! SmartFile’s file stress-free file management system can also notify you about the following:

  • Changes to files or folders important to you
  • Activities you want to track
  • Various server-side activities
  • New workflow tasks or changes made to current tasks
  • Updates on file-related tasks
  • And more!

File Versioning and Locking

You want to ensure your file management system has a comprehensive file versioning feature. This is like the web version of correction tape—it shows who made changes when and allows users to view and revert to previous document versions. With file versioning, you and your employees can go back and view a file at every stage. This way, you can make sure everyone’s working on the same file rather than a copy or a different version of the file. It also helps prevent human error, like accidentally overwriting files that share a similar name in the same folder. 

File locking is another important feature of effective file management that ensures your files’ security and integrity. This mutual-exclusion mechanism prohibits simultaneous access to a shared source, even when users from different businesses access the same file in real-time. File locks are put in place to set temporary restrictions on specific files, so you can limit how they’re being shared among different processes.

SmartFile allows users to share and update files easier than ever before. Don’t let your business lag behind due to an outdated file management system. Since our platform provides administrative controls, you can govern your business’s most important information. File versioning and locking are beneficial for the following business operations:

  • File editing without having to worry about non-sequential or overlapping revisions.
  • Returning to previous versions of a file after they have been modified.
  • When needing to reference the full history of a file’s edits.
  • Ensuring there is one (and only one) most up-to-date file version.
  • Edit collaborating so everyone on your team to make their own edits in the same file. 

Granular Permissions

Our file management platform also includes granular user permissions to make things even more organized and secure for business owners. Granular permissions allow business owners to construct site-specific roles with privileges to match certain file requirements. This feature also restricts system administrators and database owners from accessing user data.

Granular permissions and access rights ensure that only authorized users can see certain files. With SmartFile, you can restrict access to certain files by role or individual, allowing you to keep a tight grip on who can view what files. Better yet, a simple interface lets users securely access files onsite and offsite while maintaining company security procedures.

These settings will “tag” each employee and client account with specific credentials to access the data. These permissions are described as granular because they can be customized to provide viewing and editing powers down to the file. It’s also great when working with contract workers, partners, or clients needing temporary or limited access to your confidential files.

A file management system featuring granular permissions will allow you and your designated admins to set authorizations, roles, and even limits for files. This not only helps keep your valuable information secure but also increases efficiency by ensuring the correct user receives the correct file.

Enhanced Security

At SmartFile, we take security seriously. We protect your files from login to storage, giving you the ease of mind that your data is safely secure with us. File management platforms offer a secure solution for the sensitive data that comes and goes from your business every day. By boosting your digital security, you go the extra mile in ensuring your security is strengthened and your important files never end up in the wrong hands. 

No matter your vertical, we’ve likely had a client there. SmartFile is industry-agnostic and ready for any level of security you need. Whether you’ve been looking for an easy way to keep track of file access, simple file hosting, or you need a HIPAA compliant file sharing tool, secure file management is your go-to solution.

At the application level, we automatically upload files to private, giving you complete control over what is shared. You can even revert your shared files back to private viewing at any time. SmartFile also randomly generates the links you create for others’ downloading capabilities on our system.

At the network level, our servers reside behind a firewall, enforcing the security perimeter and controlling who can access your businesses network resources.  Penetration testing and our Intrusion Detection System (IDS) help monitor our file management system’s security and validation.

At the facilities level, your files are automatically backed up to an off-site location.  These data centers continually surveillance, audit, and monitor all activity with on-site security staff, mantraps, and strict access controls. Multiple power feeds and backup generators ensure continuous operation.

To support secure connections as best we can for your and your business, we keep your data and files secure through the following:

  • Encryption: We keep the entire channel of information encrypted.
  • User Management: Controlling everything a user has access to, as well as how they can use files, is an essential feature to look for in a secure file management platform.
  • Compliance: Businesses must be compliant with the regulations of their industry or legislation the government has passed. 
  • Updates & Maintenance: SmartFile offers continuous updates and maintenance, running antivirus scans on all files as they are received.
  • Lifecycle Management: With file lifecycle management features, files can be tracked and maintained by date and activity.

Data Reports 

File management systems have reports to see if files are used and if they’re successful. It also allows admins to receive data reports which help them improve business decisions. Administrators can also choose which charts to display in a dashboard to report on top file shares, file storage, user logins, and more.

We offer businesses of all types a visual dashboard to see user activity and report on file effectiveness. Arrange report widgets to display everything from file storage and logins to top search terms and downloads.

With SmartFile, you can run detailed reports on how users are engaging with your files and other digital assets stored. You can view top downloads, search terms, and more, right within your secure file management system. The top ways our sophisticated file management platform manages your data includes:

  • Backs up your files data
  • Organizes your files data
  • Documents your files data

What to Look for in a File Management System

When on the hunt for the right file management system for your business, it’s crucial to find a platform that streamlines communication. You’ll want to look for features that include company-wide commenting systems on different files so you can carry out business operations without skipping a beat. You also want to make sure the system you choose has an easy-to-use interface that is also accessible through different mobile devices. Ensuring your file management platform can keep up with changing and sometimes unprecedented times is key to ensuring your business runs smoothly no matter the situation. 

Who Needs a File Management System?

If you’re stressed by how your business’s files are currently being managed, you will benefit from our unrivaled file management system and simple file hosting. A large part of choosing file management platform is based on the function of tools involved and how they can work to benefit a businesses overall operations. Most businesses need a comprehensive and advanced system that organizes, edits, and manages their array of important files. 

SmartFile’s file management system is the perfect solution for you and your business. Give SmartFile a try for free today – no credit card required!

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