SmartFile recently surveyed over 400 system administrators to find out what their biggest issues were when it came to file storage, sharing and access.

We discovered that increasingly larger amounts of time were being wasted, while productivity plummeted because sysadmins didn’t have the proper tools to handle their file management tasks.

In fact, 57% of sysadmins reported spending 10 combined hours on file storage and sharing alone. Some businesses felt a heavier impact, with 17% respondents reporting as many as 20 hours a week wasted dealing with storage and sharing issues alone. That’s half a work week of time that could have been spent focused on other more critical areas of the business.

When time is lost, money goes right down with it. We calculated the cost of the time wasted with an average sysadmin salary. At $33 an hour, a business could lose up to $154,954 in wasted IT productivity hours alone dealing with these issues. At the average salary, a business could add even more staff to its IT department.

What else is being wasted? Check out the full report and the infographic below to discover how some businesses are recouping 36% of productivity time lost across all their business units.

costs of file sharing

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