There is only a week and some change left in the year and now is not the time to start complicating things. Now is the time to start taking it easy (even if you may still technically be working).

Stand! Or Don’t Stand. Sit! Or Don’t Sit.

Just like the coffee situation, no one can ever definitively tell you whether you should sit or stand at work. Right now, it seems both standing and sitting for long hours can introduce your body to a whole bunch of ailments.

Standing, for instance, can cause back issues over time due to gravity slowly compressing your spine. You could also be at risk for carotid artery stenosis, unsightly varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and heart issues due to the fact that the heart has to work harder to bring blood up from the feet.

You probably already knew sitting was bad because of articles with alarmist headlines like Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise.  A sedentary lifestyle is a bad one and one that has you sitting 40 hours or more per week can lead to weight gain and illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.

Instead, do a combination. Get a desk that enables you to sit when you want and stand when you want. Just find one with an electric motor, like this.

If you can’t. even. right now with purchasing and installing a standing desk, look for a company that does it. That’s right, all you have to do is sit in your rolly chair sipping coffee while someone removes all the junk off your desk, sets up the standing desk and then neatly arranges all your tchotchkes on your new desk. If you’re really nice, they may even roll you back to your desk.

So, sit or stand, it’s up to you. Just make sure you don’t favor one over the other or your body will apparently start to slowly self-destruct. By the way, if you’re in Indy and looking for an employer who can give you these options, SmartFile offers desks that can let you stand and sit. Just check out our careers page and see if there is a fit for you.

Streamline File Sharing

It’s obnoxious when a coworker or client sends you a file and, to open it, you have to download the app, sign up for an account and then navigate to that webpage every time you want to access that file. Then you have to worry about the security of that file and who all has access to it.

What’s far easier is using a file sharing platform that’s easy to use and meant for business. To streamline file sharing for your company or for your department, try a platform like SmartFile.

It’s a platform made to work like employees already do, by providing an easy-to-navigate interface. If you work with clients repeatedly, just make them a user account where they can upload and download files and you can both share access.

If you have clients or external contacts that you only send files to or receive files from occasionally, you don’t have to go to the trouble of setting up a user account for them. Instead, use the secure sharing links. You can choose to make them password protected, limit downloads or have expiration dates.

And it’s all far more secure than using a consumer cloud account or a quick send website.

Get Your Priorities Straight

While now is probably not the best time to dive right into a project, it is a great time to get all of your priorities and goals for 2017 in order. If you haven’t already, start by finding both a calendar and an organizer, planner or checklist tool where you can keep track of things and that is easy to use.

Google, of course, has all these tools, including a Google Calendar and Google Tasks. But did you also know about Google Keep? It’s an app that integrates with all the Google products to keep you on track. From setting reminders to transcribing text, it’s a pretty helpful app. You can see what else is possible here.

If you want a checklist that’s also a CRM, Insightly may be just right for you. It’s a great tool for keeping track of all your contacts, tracking email history and events. It’s also a good tool for organizing yourself and your team or coworkers.

The main view gives you a look at all of your upcoming tasks, which you can set to repeat or to alert you when a task needs to be done. You can also receive tasks from managers or coworkers or send them a to-do list. It’s a great way to keep on track and it’s so satisfying click the little checkmark when you’re done.

Take It Easy

Hopefully these tips help you enjoy the rest of your year and take it easy. If you’d like to learn more about streamlining your file sharing and management process, why not try SmartFile out? It’s free for 2 weeks and you can try out sending files, creating users and even branding your site. Try it out below.

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